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英  语
1.A.coat       B.road     C.broad    D.goal    
2.A.official  B.declare  C.active   D.picture 
3.A.purse     B.pure     C.curious  D.cure    
4.A.hide       B.like     C.time     D.give    
5.A.question  B.station  C.direction   D.pollution    
6.He's a great player and I have a lot of respect_______him.
A.of          B.in       C.on       D.for
7.Don't forget to   your_____ school bag with you when you come here next time.
A.bring       B.deliver  C.fetch    D.take 
8.He was late for work this morning because he_____find his key.
A.mustn't     B.wouldn't C.couldn't D.shouldn't
9.I asked him to go to the art exhibition, but he said he had_____ seen it.     
A.still       B.already  C.also     D.often   
10.—Where's your mother, Helen?                 
—She_____the flowers in the garden.              
A.waters   B.is watering   C.watered  D.has watered
11.The children and their parents had great fun_____games in the park.
A.playing     B.play     C.played   D.to play    
12.There is only one student_____will surely pass the diffcult test. 
A.whose       B.which    C.whom     D.who  
13.一Do you like talking with your friends on the phone or through the Internet?
一_____.I enjoy writing letters.
A.None       B.Either    C.Neither  D.Both
14.She asked me_____I would like to go with her or not.
A.how          B.when     C.whether  D.where
15.Before you leave the classroom,_____all the lights.
A.turn up    B.turn over C.turn to D.turn off
16.If Mom looks out from the kitchen window, she_____us playing in the yard.
A.is seeing   B.will see  C.was seeing  D.has seen
17.一Can you stay here for a few more days?   
一_____,but I have to be home tomorrow.
A.No,thank you             B.I'm afraid not 
C.I'd love to               D.No problem
18.With a lot of work _____,Jerry  had  not me to goto the cinema with his daughter.
A.doing     B.having done   C.done    D.to do
19.We're making good progress,_____we've still got along way to go
A.but         B.or        C.so          D.thus      
20.I hope you will have a_____week with us in China.   
A.pleasure   B.pleasing  C.pleased       D.pleasant
三、完形填空:共15小题;每题2分,共30分。通读下面的短文,掌握其大意。然后,从每小题的四个选择项中选出可填入相应空白处的最 佳选项。
Mrs.McTavish looked out.“It's a lovely day.Would you like to go for a walk in the park?”Her   children____21____with excitement. 
“Before we go, you need to follow some rules.Everyone must   ____22____hands and stay close to me.You can't___23___anywhere by yourself.Can you all do that?” 
All four____24____they would. As they walked down the street, Fiona said, “I want a nice lolly(冰棍) , Mummy.Can we have some?”
“You can if you follow the rules, ”answered Mrs.McTavish.
The park is just around the corner.The children ran off to_____25___.After a while, when Mrs.McTavish looked up she couldn't see Jock.“Fiona, where's Jock?'             
“I don't know,Mummy.He's not here____26____,”said Fiona.The others hadn't____27____Jock either.Mrs.McTavish had to gather her children together and walk around the park____28____for him.She found him sitting near the ice lolly man.“Jock!What are you doing here?I couldn't____29____you. “Mummy, I want a nice lolly, ”Jock whispered.      “You can't have one now___30_____you didn't follow the rules.”Mrs.McTavish
____31____one for  each of the other children and they licked(舔)them all the way home.Jock cried.When they__32__home she talked to Jock.“Mummy has four children.I must have rules so I can____33____an eye on you and know you're___34____.”Jock said he was____35____and he would follow the rules from then on.
21.A.quarreled      B.doubted    C.listened      D.cheered
22.A.wash        B.shake      C.hold       D.raise
23.A.meet        B.lie        C.drive       D.go
24.A.admitted    B.promised   C.pretended   D.explained
25.A.play        B.eat        C.practice    D.sing
26.A.once more      B.anymore    C.as usual      D.at last
27.A.caught       B.known      C.seen       D.recognized
28.A.looking     B.sending    C.running    D.waiting
29.A.understand  B.find       C.believe    D.accept
30.A.unless       B.once       C.though     D.because
31.A.bought       B.made       C.sold        D.borrowed
32.A.found       B.left       C.got         D.passed
33.A.rest         B.open       C.put         D.keep
34.A.comfortable  B.healthy    C.safe         D.honest
35.A.sorry       B.angry      C.worried    D.happy
Some farmers in California are having a hard time picking their crops.There are not enough workers to help them with the harvest.
One farmer used to grow peaches(桃子),but will soon grow almonds(杏仁) instead.Peaches require more labor to harvest.
They are easy to be damaged and need careful hand picking.He is now removing his peach tree s.Then he will plant almond trees in their places.  Almonds are harvested differently.It does not take as many workers to pick them because a machine shakes the almond trees.The nuts fall on the ground and then are gathered up.The farmer does not have to hire many workers.
Some farmers think there are two reasons why they can't find enough farm workers.One reason is that there area lot of well-paid construction jobs in the area.Many people are taking these jobs instead of picking fruit.The other reason is that it has become more difficult for workers to come from Mexico into California.Fewer workers are allowed to get into the country to work on the fruit farms.To settle the problem, farmers hope the government might allow these workers to work as guests.That would help workers provide for their family and help farmers harvest their crops.When the harvest season is over they'll go back home.Farmers say that unless things change, more fruits will come from other countries. This is because labor is cheaper in those countries than in the United States.
36.What problem do some farmers have?
A.They have no workers to remove fruit trees.
B.There is little land for growing fruit.
C.Their crops were badly damaged last year.
D.It's difficult to harvest their crops.
37.Why does the peach farmer start to plant almonds?
A.There is a greater demand for almonds.
B.Growing almonds takes much less land.
C.A machine can help get almonds off the trees.
D.Almonds will fall on the ground when ripe.
38.Why can't some farmers find enough workers to pick fruit?
A.They grow too many peach trees.
B.People prefer well-paid construction jobs.
C.Few people want to work in California.
D.They don't want to hire workers from Mexico.
39.What will happen if the situation does not improve?
A.The government will hire workers to help with the harvest.
B.More people will move to California from Mexico.
C.Other countries will provide cheaper labor for US farmers.
D.More fruits will be bought from other countries.
Scientists have long tried to be able to know more about floods.So far, the best that scientists can do is to recognize the conditions for flooding.
Although deep snow alone seldom causes floods, when it occurs together with heavy rain and sudden warmer weather, it can lead to serious flooding.If there is a fast snow melt(融化) on top of frozen or very wet ground, flooding is likely to occur.Me ling snow also causes high water levels in rivers. Whenever rivers are already at their highest possible levels, heavy rains will result in the rivers' flooding the nearby land.
Rivers covered in ice can also lead to flooding.When ice begins to melt, it breaks into large pieces. These pieces of ice move and float down the river.They can block the river, causing the water to rise and flood the land up the river.If the iced am(坝) breaks suddenly, the large quantity of water held behind it can flood the areas down the river too.
Broken ice dams are not the only problem that can cause flooding.When a large human-made dam breaks or fails to hold the water collected behind it, it will also cause serious damage.
Although scientists can not always know when floods will occur, they do know a great deal about when floods are likely, or probably, going to occur.
40.What have scientists achieved in dealing with floods?
A.They have prevented many rivers from flooding.
B.They have reduced the damage caused by floods.
C.They have learned much about conditions for flooding.
D.They have found most of the ice damson the river.
41.When will deep snow lead to floods?.
A.The snow suddenly gets frozen.
B.The top of the ground becomes wet.
C.I trains hard with a big rise in temperature.
D.The snow melt s gradually into a river.
42.What happens when ice dams break?
A.They may quickly block the river.
B.The ice covering the river may melt fast.
C.A larger iced am may soon be formed.
D.The areas down the river maybe flooded.
It was Sharing Day!The teacher had asked the students to bring something interesting to class.
 Jimmy found the little box he and Dad had made.Inside was apiece of rock, as and dollar and a shark(鲨鱼) tooth.Nobody could have anything as interesting as these!
In class, Jimmy waited anxiously, hoping to be called on first by the teacher.But Kara was first.She held up as and dollar.Jimmy's eyes grew big.
“I found this on the beach,”Kara said.“It's interesting.The little holes that make the sand dollar look like a flower are breathing holes.See all the needles?They help the sand dollar move and dig into the sand.”
Jimmy was a little uneasy.Oh, well, he still had his rock and shark tooth.
Then Mark stood up.“This is my favorite rock, called pumice(浮石) .”Then Mark dropped the rock into a glass of water.“Look!Pumice is the only rock that floats!”
Jimmy put up his hand and waved, but the teacher called on Justin instead.“I found this shark tooth in Hawaii last Christmas, ”Justin said.
The class was excited, but Jimmy lowered his head.“Sharks have rows of teeth.Every time a shark loses a tooth, another one takes its place.”Justin passed the tooth around.Jimmy heard the teacher call him.He stood on one foot and then the other.“Well, ah, see...my treasure box is interesting!It was just apiece of wood until Dad and I cut it into pieces and finally made a box out of it.It smells good, reminding us of camping.
“What's inside?”asked Lisa.
Jimmy opened his box.“As and dollar, apiece of pumice and a shark tooth.”
His classmates' mouths dropped open.The teacher looked at the objects in the box and smiled.“Now that's interesting!”he said.
43.On the Sharing Day, Jimmy___
A.bought a treasure box to hold his interesting things
B.enjoyed the things others brought to the class
C.waited patiently to be called on by his teacher
D.wished to be the first to share his possessions
44.What does as and dollar look like according to Kara?
A.A hole.  B.A needle. C.A flower.  D.A tooth.
45.Who shared with the class a rock that floats?
A.Lisa.    B.Kara.      C.Justin.    D.Mark.
46.How did Jimmy's classmates feel when they saw the things in his box?
A.Disappointed.  B.Surprised.  C.Anxious. D.Uneasy
Nineteen-year-old Melissa Goza couldn't figure out why she failed to get a bankcard time and time again.It only became clear when she was unsuccessful while looking for a new job in a Target store:Three different people are using her Social Security number(社会保障号) .
Target is one of the companies using credit(信用) reports when hiring new workers.At least one credit report didn't favor Goza in getting the job.Avery low credit rate(评价) was under Goza's Social Security number.Target, as required bylaw, told Goza why the company couldn't offer her the job.
Sacramento lawyer Jennifer Shaw, a specialist in workplace law, says credit reports are just one more way employers use to find dishonest job seekers.“I think we need to know that, right now, there's more information out there.And that means, there's more information that can be used against us,”said Shaw.
Goza's dark cloud may, however, have a silver lining.Target told her she'd be considered again for the job if she could get a letter from the Social Security Department proving that she's the right owner of the Social Security number.
Now that Goza knows she's suffered from other people's wrongdoings,she will order copies of her credit reports to see what she can do to put things right.
47.What do we know about Goza?
A.She got the job from Target.
B.She has had three bad friends.
C.She doesn't have a bankcard yet.
D.She was not honest with Target.
48.What did Target first do when refusing to offer Goza the job?
A.They asked her for credit reports.
B.They told her why she couldn't get the job.
C.They found out her wrongdoings.
D.They reported it to the Social Security Department.
49.What does“a silver lining”in Paragraph 4 probably mean?
A hopeful future.  
B.A bank report.
C.An official letter.
D.A Social Security number.
50.What does Goza have to do next?
A.Clear up her wrong credit reports.
B.Get a new Social Security number.
C.Find a job in another company.
D.Apply for a new bankcard.
提示:李明打电话给David, 邀请他下星期日去博物馆看展览。
(L=Li Ming; D=David)
L:Hello.This is Li Ming speaking.May Is peak to David?
D:   51 What's up, Li Ming?
L:What are you going to do next Sunday?
D:Nothing much.Do you have any ideas?
L:   52 ?There's a Russian oil painting exhibition there.
D:Good idea!      53       
L:Bus202 will take you there.
D:Good.     54    then?
L:Let's meet just at the gate of the museum.
D:          55      
L:Half past nine.
D:All right.See you then.
假设你是李华, 写邮件邀请你的留学生朋友Tim到你家一起过中秋。邮件的主要内容包括:
2.生词:中秋节the Mid-autumn Festival; 传统tradition
Dear Tim,
Looking forward to your coming.
【解析】本题考查固定搭配。句意:他是一名伟大的运动员, 我非常尊敬他。have respect for sb.为固定搭配,意为“尊重某人,尊敬某人”。故本题选D。
【解析】本题考查动词辨析。句意:你下次来这里的时候, 别忘了带上你的书包。bring带来, 带…到某处; deliver传送, 交付; fetch去拿, 去取; take随身带, 携带。根据句意, 本题选D。
【解析】本题考查情态动词辨析。句意:他由于找不到钥匙, 今天早上上班迟到了。mustn't表示“禁止”:wouldn't表示“不会”; couldn't表示“不能”; shouldn't表示“不应该”。根据句意, 本题选C。
【解析】本题考查副词辨析。句意:我请他去看艺术展, 但是他说他已经看过了。still仍然, 依旧; already已经; also也, 此外; often经常。根据句意, 本题选B。
【解析】本题考查时态。句意:——海伦,你妈妈在哪呢? ——她正在花园里浇花呢。根据句意,此处表示现在正在进行的动作,因此应用动词的现在进行时态。故本题选B。
【解析】本题考查固定用法。句意:孩子们和他们的父母在公园里做游戏, 他们玩得很开心。have(great)fun doing sth.为固定用法, 意为“做某事有乐趣, 做某事很开心”, 相当于have a good te doing sth.。故本题选A。
【解析】本题考查定语从句。句意:只有一名学生肯定会通过这次难度大的考试。空格处为定语从句的引导词, 在从句中作主语, 先行词指人, 因此应用主格who。故本题选D。
【解析】本题考查不定代词辨析。句意:——你喜欢通过电话还是通过网络和朋友联络?——都不喜欢。我喜欢写信。none表示“三者或三者以上都不”; either表示“两者中随便那一个都…-;neither表示“两者中哪个都不… ”; both表示“两者都……..”。结合语境, 此处表示“两者都不”, 故本题选C。
【解析】本题考查固定用法。句意:她问我是否愿意和她一起走。how怎样, 如何; when何时; whether是否; where哪里。whether...or not为固定用法, 意为“是否, 会不会”, 符合句意, 故本题选C。
【解析】本题考查动词短语辨析。句意:你离开教室的时候, 请把所有的灯都关了。tum up偶然出现, 到来; turnover翻身, 翻转; turn to转向, 求助于; tum off关上, 关掉。根据句意, 本题选D。
【解析】本题考查日常交际用语。句意家。no, thank you不了,谢谢;I' m afraid not我恐怕不行;I' d love to我也想; no problem没问题。根据句意,本题选C
【解析】本题考查非谓语动词。句意:因为有许多工作要做,杰瑞没有时间陪女儿去看电影。with+宾语+ doing表示“主动,动作正在进行”;with+宾语+ having done表示“动作在谓语所表示的动作之前发生with+宾语+done表示“被动,动作已完成”;with+宾语+to do表示“将来,动作还没有进行”。根据句意,本题选D。
【解析】本题考查形容词辨析。句意:希望你能与我们在中国度过愉快的一周。 pleasure高兴,是名词;pleasing令人高兴的,一般作表语; pleased高兴的,满意的,作表语; pleasant令人愉快的。根据句意和用法,本题选D。
【解析】词义辨析题。孩子们听到要去公园散步,兴奋地欢呼。 quarrel争吵,吵嘴; doubt怀疑,质疑; listen听; cheer欢呼,喝彩。故本题选D
【解析】短语辨析题。每个人都必须手拉手,待在我身边。 wash hands洗手; shake hands握手; hold hand手拉手; raise hands举手。故本题选C。
【解析】词义辨析题。四个孩子保证说他们会做到妈妈所说的。 admit承认; promise保证; pretend假簑explain解释。故本题选B
【解析】词义辨析题。公园就在拐角处,孩子们迫不及待跑过去玩。play玩;eat吃; practice练习;sing唱歌。故本题选A。
【解析】固定搭配题。菲奧纳说:“我不知道,妈妈。他已经不在这里了。”not...any more 为固定搭配,意为“不再”,符合句意,故本题选B。 once more再一次; as usual像往常一样; at last最后,终于。
【解析】词义辨析题。菲奧纳不知道乔克在哪里,其他人也没有看到乔克。 catch抓住,接住;know知道,了解;see看到,看见; recognize认识,认出。故本题选C
【解析】词义辨析题。麦克塔维什夫人不得不召集所有的孩子,在公园里四处寻找乔克。 look for寻我; send for请来,派人去叫; run for竟选,赶紧去请; wait for等待。故本题选A
【解析】词义辨析题。上文提到乔克的家人在公园里四处找他,由此可知,此处麦克塔维什夫人想表达的是她找不到乔克。 understand理解,明白;ind找到,发现; believe认为,相信; accept接受,同意。故本题选B。
【解析】逻辑推理题。乔克对妈妈说他想吃冰棍,但是妈妈说乔克现在不能得到一根冰棍,因为他没有遵守妈妈制定的规则。空格前表示的是结果,空格后说明了原因,因此空格处应填入一个表示原因的逻辑连接词。 unless除非,表示条件。故本题选D
【解析】词义辨析题。麦克塔维什夫人给其他每个孩子都买了一根冰棍,他们边吃边回家。buy买;make制作;sell卖; borrow借。故本题选A
【解析】固定搭配题。麦克塔维什夫人说她有四个孩子,她必须制定一些规则,这样才能密切关注到每个孩子。 keep an eye on为固定搭配,意为“照看,留意,密切注视”,符合句意,故本题选 D. rest休息;pen打开;put放置
【解析】词义辨析题。麦克塔维什夫人说,她必须制定一些规则,这样才能密切关注到每一个孩子,确保他们是安全的。 comfortable舒服的; healthy健康的;safe安全的; honest诚实的。故本题选C
【解析】词义辨析题。乔克说他很抱歉,并表示以后会遵守妈妈制定的规则。sorry抱歉,惭愧;angry生气的; worried担心的; happy快乐的。故本题选A。
【解析】事实细节题。根据第二段最后四句可知,杏仁的采摘方式不太一样,它不需要许多人手来采摘,只需要一台机器摇动杏树 杏仁就会掉落在地上,然后就可以将其收集起来,因此农民不需要雇用太多的工由此可知,这就是农民开始种植杏树的原因,故本题选C。
【解析】事实细节题。根据第三段可知,课堂上,吉米焦急地等待着,希望老师能第一个叫他来分享自己的东西。 故本题选D。
【解析】推理判断题。根据最后两段可知,当马克打开了他的盒子的时候,同学们不由得张开了嘴巴。由此可知, 同学们张开嘴巴这一举动表示他们很惊讶。disappointed失望的; surprised惊讶的; anxious焦虑的;uneasy不安的。故本题选B。
【解析】词义猜测题。根据第四段可知,塔吉特公司告诉戈扎如果社会保障部门愿意给她开一封信,证明她是社会保障号码的合法所有者的话,就会重新考虑她的求职申请。由此可知,此处表示情况的反转,因此a silver lining和前面的dark cloud意思相反, dark cloud表示“乌云”, 而a silver lining应该表示“乌云周围的白光”
51.【答案】This is David
52.【答案】How about going to the museum
53.【答案】How can I get there
54.【答案】Where shall we meet
55.【答案】What time
Dear Tim,
The Mid-autumn Festival is coming soon, and I am writing to invite you to spend the festival with my family.It is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.On this special day, people usually try their best to re tum home to gather with their family.Having are union dinner, eating moon cakes, appreciating the full moon together and enjoying some classic Chinese poems are all the traditions of this festival.My mum will set the table with all kinds of delicacy and my parents both want you to join us that day.We would feel much happier if you can come.
Looking forward to your coming.
Li Hua

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